Etha - Future of Information

The Etha Story

What is Etha? Etha stands for ethics as well as ethanol, which is the scientific term for ‘alcohol’ and is the result of distillation. Distillation, defined as “the action of purifying or the extraction of essential meaning,” has been the inspiration of our mission. Our dream is for Etha to become the platform for global political discourse. At Etha, we seek to separate all the components of politics until we arrive at the truth by removing the pollutants that muddy the waters of mainstream media.

Our Foundation

In response to recent presidential elections and the widespread media control during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Nicole Ogloza and Aastik Saini founded Etha in January 2021. Their goal was to create a platform where users could engage in intelligent political discourse based on objective, unbiased facts.

Our Journey

We have come a long way in a very short time, and our journey has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. From just three founding members in early 2021, we have added over thirty members to our staff equally dedicated to social-political change. With the guidance of experienced advisors and the support of our invaluable team, we have set out to conquer the world. This is no small task, and we have a long way to go, but we invite you to join us on our journey towards a better way to think about politics.

Meet Us

Nicole Ogloza

Founder and Project Manager

Nicole is the founder of Etha with years of experience in Fortune 5 companies such as Workday and Warner Bros.

Favourite Sport: Roller Skating

Aastik Saini

Technical Co-Founder

Aastik is the Technical Co-Founder for Etha, and has experience in four high growth startups.

Spirit Pokemon: Snorlax

Ambraish Gupta

Primary Advisor and Strategist

Ambarish has founded a very successful startup, Knowlarity. He is a graduate from IIT in india, and holds a Carnige Mellon MBA. He acts as Etha's primary advisor and strategist.

Left Knowlarity two years ago to found his private equity firm, Basis Vectors

Ajay Shrivastava

Product Technology Advisor

Ajay has served as the COO for Knowlarity with Ambarish in the past, and is a highly acclaimed technologist. He will act as Etha's advisor in product technology and strategy

Chief Product Technology Officer at a leading Media firm in India, HT Media.

Rajnish Prasad

Software Architect and Scalability Advisor

Rajnish is a long-time, principal software architect at Netflix for the past 7 years. He will act as Etha's software architecture and scalability advisor

Favourite Sport: Roller Skating

Mary Mac

Marketing and Content Strategist

Mary has completed her Masters at Stanford Universty and an undergrad from UCLA in English and professional writing.

Favourite Sport: Roller Skating

Daniel Viol

Lead UI Designer

Daniel is a lead in User Interface Design at Etha and enjoys his job in the field of User Design for year to come.

Favourite Sport: Roller Skating

Igor Magalhaes

Founder and Project Manager

Igor is our lead technical marketer at Etha. He studied civil engineering, only to leave and pursue his passion in marketing, founding his own company.

Favourite Holiday: Carnival in Brazil

Justin Knuth

Front-End Developer

Justin is Etha's Front-End React Developer. He is currently a freelancer in website development.

Favorite Band: Interpol

Manik Chandra Paul

Lead Graphics Designer

Manik has 7 years of expeirence in graphic design for Branding, Logo, Ui Designs and all types of print media. He used to be an independent freelancer.

Loves to Travel

Sumit Mandal

UX Design Lead

Sumit is a user experience designer and an engineer with a bachelors degree in computers. He is also an XR developer.

Favourite Anime: Detective Conan

Prem Ranjan

Senior Full-Stack Dev

Prem is a full-stack developer with experience of Java, Kotlin, React, AWS.

Our Backbone

Pradeep Giri

Dev Ops Engineer

Max Androit

Max Andriot

Eduard Tora

Lead Project Manager

Jonathan Arabov

Public Relations Specialist

Shrey Gupta

Investment Lead

Udayan Bhakar

Junior Front-End Dev

Ayan Tripuraneni


Advaita Saravanan

Data Analyst